Fun Facts

  • Color – Both adult bald eagles have a black-brown back and breast; a white head, neck, and tail; and yellow feet and bill.
  • Size – The female bald eagle is 35 to 37 inches.
  • Wingspan ranges from 72 to 90 inches.
  • Bald eagles can fly  10,000 feet high . During level flight, they can go the speeds of about 30 to 35 miles.
  • Bald eagles weigh from ten to fourteen pounds.
  • Eagle bones are light as a feather because they are hollow.
  • The beak, talons, and feathers are made of keratin which is what are fingernails are made of.
  • Bald eagles have 7,000 feathers.
  • lifespan – Wild bald eagles may live as long as thirty years.
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